Frequently Ask Questions

How does Greater DAOR communicate to their members?

The main source of communication from Greater DAOR to its members will be through email. It is mandatory, and is the sole responsibility for members to keep their email address active and up to date.  If members do not have an active email, then it is not the fault of Greater DAOR for a member to not receive communication and information.
All members will receive a weekly email sent through Constant Contact called, “Today Matters“, this email will include information on events, classes, new products, DRE, MLS, webinars, legal changes to real estate, and more.

Where do I find staff emails?

Staff contact information:
Jeanette, Vice President:
Julie, Director of Membership:
Kayla, Membership & Social Media Director:
Erica, Compliance & Education Director:
Laura, Affiliate Liaison:
Giovana, Communications Coordinator:

How can I join The Greater Downey Association of REALTORS?

The first step in joining our association requires future members to be licensed in BRE under their current Broker. The next step would be identifying cost and beginning our membership application.

How do I submit my application for membership?

Email your application to, or to You may also send it via fax to (562)923-9995, or by walking your application into our location. No appointment necessary.

How much does it cost to join DAOR?

Depending on the type of membership and when you are trying to join determines the price you will pay. All fees are prorate for the month you are joining until the end of that fiscal year. Payment plans are also available. Please call us at (562)861-0915 for further assistance.

Can I join DAOR and C.A.R. without joining N.A.R?

No, to be a REALTOR, an agent must join all three Association N.A.R., C.A.R. and DAOR.

If my Broker is M.L.S Only, can I be a REALTOR?

Agents can only hold the same type of membership their Broker has.

What benefits do I get when I join DAOR?

Your benefits will include the use of the term REALTOR®, Free Legal Attorney Support, Medical & Dental plans, Events with Industry and Celebrity Speakers, Quarterly Luncheons with top speakers, Listing Syndication, Lead Generating E-newsletter, Market Reports, Networking Events, Annual Food Truck, Top Producer Recognition and Webinar Series.
Free one on one training for the following benefits; C.A.R. ZipForm, ZiForm Mobile, Digital Sign, IDX, M.L.S. Touch, ShowingTime, LionsDesk, Cloud CMA, SavvyCard, Glide, & RPR.
Low cost dues and payment plans offered.

After submitting my application, how long before I can access my services?

Once your application is submitted to or, we ask you to give us 24 – 48 hours to process your application into the system.
When submitting an application for membership, for the quickest turnaround, make sure your application is completely filled out, signed by you and your new broker. Make sure your DRE reflects that Brokerage, and make sure to include your signed form of payment.
For  transferring members, please add a letter of good standing from your previous AOR.

I do not have a real estate license can I join DAOR?

For REALTORS: You must have a DRE License.
For MLS Assistant: You do not need a DRE License.
For Affiliates (one who provides real estate services): you do not need a DRE License.

Can my Assistants join?

DAOR has two different Assistant memberships:
Unlicensed  Assistants, this would be for a person that has no license.
Licensed Assistant, this person has a license, which they will need NBA (no broker attached)
Assistants are given an User Id into the M.L.S. and connected to the agent their assisting. They can attend membership lunches and training. They are not able to use or lease a Supra.

Is Supra included in Membership Pricing?

No, Supra services and products are not included in Membership Pricing.

How much does a Supra Lockbox cost?

There is a one time activation fee of $50 (Unless you are transferring AORs), and a $15.58 charge on the 26th of every month.
Supra Lockboxes are available for purchase for $114. For Supra Keys please provide us with your debit or credit card, billing addresses, and a 4 digit pin.
*It is your responsibility to contact us with new credit card information if you receive a replacement.
*If dropping your membership be sure to contact us, or Supra to cancel your key.

My lockbox is not working. Can I get a new one?

Yes, we have an inventory readily available to replace faulty devices. Exchanges can only be made in person and damaged device(s) must be present and returned for exchange. First, please call Supra directly to get a reference number (RMA) which allows you to replace your faulty device. The cost will depend upon if Supra determined the lock box was covered by warranty.

What do I do when I get a new phone?

Call us at (562)861-0915 for an authorization code.

How can I change my MLS Login Password?

Your MLS Login Password can be changed by entering a wrong  password and selecting the forgot my password option.

Why are my listings not being featured on Trulia and Zillow?

On 1/12/2021, Zillow became a brokerage in our area. As part of this transition, Zillow no
longer obtains listing data through its former feed. It instead gained access to listing data
through an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) feed. This change impacted how CRMLS brokers
distribute listings to Zillow. Click Here for more information

How can I feature my listings on,, and

All brokers have access to add and remove syndications from listings.

I’m having technical problems with the MLS, who do I contact?

Please contact CRMLS Support 800-925-1525 they are available 7 days a week
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 10:00am -3:00pm

How do I access Matrix on my phone or tablet?

To access Matrix Mobile from a Smartphone, go to and CRMLS also offers MLS Touch, a free benefit.

How much time do I have to add a listing in the MLS before I get a violation?

2 business days from the listing contract date

How do I exclude a listing from the MLS?

All required is entering the listing into the MLS as REGISTERED status & a SELM Form signed by sellers.

 I don’t have access to my listing but I need to make changes what do I need to do?

You need to fill out a form called the Listing Change form, or email it to