DAOR REALTOR® and MLS Only members have full access to CRMLS with access to the California Real Estate Technology Services (CARETS), a database that reaches from San Diego to Ventura Counties.
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REALTOR® and MLS Only Members of the DAOR are obligated to follow to MLS Rules and Regulations, including CARETS Data Integrity Standards. The DAOR is obligated to enforce all rules and access fines for violating such.
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Supra Information
Supra's iBoxes hold the listing keys to your properties. They are available for purchase only. Please be aware that your warranty for your ibox is not valid if there is more than one key, or any foreign object in the key compartment.

iBoxes automatically come with the Call Before Showing (CBS) Code not activated, if you need the CBS code activated, bring your ibox into the DAOR Office. By default, keys may be obtained from the keybox from 8:30am to 10:00pm during Daylight Savings Time and from 7:30am to 9:00pm during normal PST.
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Previews, Photos & Area Information

Preview Outside of DAOR - DAOR Members have the option of adding your own Preview (MLS Tour) information into the MLS. Follow these steps:
  1. Login to CRMLS Matrix
  2. From Add/Edit select “ Add New Open House’
  3. Select “Start with a Blank Listing”
  4. Type the property’s MLS number in box provided
  5. Select “ Broker Open House” Enter the information and then click on the “Add”

For a list of preview dates from non-DAOR AORs Click Here.

Photo Copying Policy – It is not permitted for anyone to copy the photos from one listing to another, unless it is from the same brokerage, with the brokers permission. Should you wish to license the use of photos attached to a listing, you will need to send a copy of the License Image Agreement (pdf) to the original broker for his or her permission. Be sure to keep a signed copy of License Image Agreement in your files. Without the permission of original listing broker, you will be in violation and all copied photos will be removed from your listing.

City Presale Inspections

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CRMLS Services
DAOR Members needing Computer assistance may call:
CRMLS Tech Support at 800-925-1525 (Mon-Fri 9am-8pm Sat 9am-5pm)

Training Schedule - DAOR members can attend any training class, at any location FREE of charge...
Click Here for a CRMLS Training Schedule.

MongoFAX – DAOR Members can use your fax machine to digitally deliver paper documents instantly to any email address. Click Here

Listingbook™ - Ultimate online solution for DAOR agents and their clients FREE!! Click Here

MLS Wireless – DAOR Members can view the MLS on your phone FREE!! Click Here

Realist™ - Provides DAOR Members instant access to current property tax and public record data for 8 counties FREE!! Click Here

MLS-Office – Offers DAOR Members tools to manage your real estate business FREE!! Click Here

DocCentral™ - Allows DAOR Members to digitize, store and share documents online FREE!! Click Here

PinPoint™ - Aerial and street level mapping. Click Here

Mercado - CMA & More!! Click Here
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